LP PROJEKT employee leasing and temporary work based in Warsaw. We will establish cooperation with Employers in order to employ workers from the East. We offer recruitment and employee leasing, we cooperate with agencies from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
For employers

1.Temporary work

What is temporary employment. The legal solution of employment based on Temporary Work allows the employer to flexibly adapt the level of employment to the current needs of the company. A feature of Temporary Work is the presence of three entities in the contract: Lp Projekt( employee leasing) , User Employer, Temporary Employee. Temporary work is the optimal answer to problems related to seasonality of work, increase or decrease in orders. Benefits of employing temporary workers Lp Projekt (employee leasing):
Satisfying the need to rationalise processes and reduce business costs; Bringing personnel costs outside - settlement for services on the basis of VAT invoices; Short notice period, independent of seniority; Optimisation of labour costs; Reducing the total cost of employment and increasing flexibility by adapting the employment structure to the current needs of the company; User employer is not obliged to pay remuneration for the period of readiness to work; Ensuring liquidity of employment by sending the employee to work on time.

2.Employee recruitment

Our specialists have many years of experience in recruiting employees of various specialisations and levels for clients representing a variety of industries.

We cooperate, among others, with companies from the following sectors: food industry (production, turnover), TSL, IT, technology, construction, telecommunications, finance, pharmaceutical.

We recruit employees through traditional methods, using recruitment advertisements, databases, as well as direct search. We are also supported by a wide network of contacts and recommendations.

We conduct interviews with all candidates, also at a distance, using modern technologies.

3.Cooperation with LP Projekt

Cooperation with Lp Projekt feel free to contact us, we will answer all your questions. We offer our clients and partners free consultations, during which we discuss the conditions of cooperation, the needs of our clients, as well as jointly work out effective methods of problem solving and a concrete proposal for their implementation. Depending on your needs, we can provide one or all services. Recruitment of employees to work in Poland and abroad for all required positions in many industries. Outsourcing of Payroll and HR Other HR services. If required, we take on the role of an agency introducing new solutions or a partner who takes responsibility for the development of personnel management methods. LP Project employee leasing specialists with experience in a wide range of industries clear and transparent rules of cooperation - a simple and clear contract help from our Customer Service Department permanent assistance from a consultant, a specialist in labour law and a specialist in occupational health and safety legal and safe cooperation.
Address: 04-041, Warsaw, Ostobramska street, 101
Phone: +48 888 108 389, +48 888 108 391
e-mail: waw.lpprojekt@gmail.com