LP PROJEKT employee leasing and temporary work based in Warsaw. We will establish cooperation with Employers in order to employ workers from the East. We offer recruitment and employee leasing, we cooperate with agencies from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
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1.Employee recruitment

Recruitment of employees by LP Project We recruit employees at all levels in various industries, depending on the needs of our Clients.
What does the recruitment process conducted by us look like: recruitment order by the Client identification of characteristics of desired candidates, development of candidate's profile analysis of the CV Database in terms of the employees sought editing of advertisements and its publication selection of CVs and meetings with candidates
recommendation of selected persons to the Client - decision on employment. We recruit employees by traditional methods, using business portals, but we also apply the Direct Search method and, in exceptional situations, we conduct remote recruitment with the use of modern technologies. In addition, we make use of a wide network of recommendations and contacts. Candidates are interviewed using a specially structured interview. We also prepare substantive tests, work samples and an Assessment Centre. Each of the above methods is aimed at verifying the Candidate's predisposition for a given position.
We encourage you to send us your CV in response to our advertisements: job abroad / job in Poland. Please send your CV to our CV Database if none of the presented offers is suitable.

2.What is temporary employment for an employee?

It is an opportunity for the unemployed to find temporary work. For those entering the labour market, it is an opportunity to gain essential experience in a range of companies. It is also a convenient solution for those who cannot work full time. It should be noted that many employers choose to hire a permanent employee after a period of temporary employment. Employment under a temporary employment contract is a tripartite contract, i.e. three entities are involved: employee leasing - it is the formal employer, calculates and pays wages and due social security and tax contributions employee - performs work under a temporary employment contract user employer - the company where the employee performs work. A temporary employment contract is a contract with full responsibilities for both the employer and the employee. It guarantees compulsory insurance like a regular employment contract, employee health checks, and health and safety training. The time spent working under a temporary contract counts as length of service and will be taken into account when calculating a pension. Temporary work is, by definition, temporary work and therefore, according to the Act of 9 July 2003 on the Employment of Temporary Workers, the total period of employment of a temporary worker with one user employer cannot exceed 18 months in any consecutive 36-month period.

3.Work in Poland

LP Projekt employee leasing and temporary work based in Warsaw has extensive experience in hiring employees mainly from the Mazovia region and surrounding areas, but more and more often we implement projects also in other regions of the country. All offers are continuously verified and checked for credibility and legality.
Advantages of working with LP Projekt legal and safe - reliable employers payment of wages on time.
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