LP PROJEKT employee leasing and temporary work based in Warsaw. We will establish cooperation with Employers in order to employ workers from the East. We offer recruitment and employee leasing, we cooperate with agencies from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
About our agency

Our agency is looking for Ukrainian, Moldovan and Belarusian nationals, men and women of different ages and specialisations for work in hotels, restaurants, locksmiths, welders, electricians, greenhouse workers, warehouse workers, construction workers, unskilled workers, with accommodation. We are looking for honest Polish employers who are willing to employ men and women.

For employers
1. Temporary work
The legal solution of Temporary Work employment allows the employer to flexibly adapt the level of employment to the current needs of the company. A feature of Temporary Employment is the presence of three entities in the contract: LP Projekt , User Employer, Temporary Employee...
2. Employee recruitment
Our specialists have many years of experience in recruiting employees of various specialisations and levels for clients representing a wide variety of industries. Amongst others, we work with companies in the following sectors: food (production, turnover), TSL, IT, technology, construction, telecommunications, finance, pharmaceutical...
3. Cooperation with LP Projekt
Feel free to contact us, we will answer all your questions. We offer our clients and partners free consultations, during which we discuss the conditions of cooperation, the needs of our clients, as well as together work out effective methods of problem solving and a concrete proposal for their implementation...
For workers
Employee recruitment
We recruit employees by traditional methods, using business portals, but we also use the Direct Search method. In exceptional situations, we carry out remote recruitment using modern technologies. In addition, we make use of a wide network of recommendations and contacts...
2.What is temporary employment for an employee?
It is an opportunity for the unemployed to find temporary work. For those entering the labour market, it is an opportunity to gain essential experience in a range of companies. It is also a convenient solution for those who cannot work full time. It should be noted that many employers, after a period of employment on a temporary basis, decide to hire an employee on a permanent basis...
3.Work in Poland
LP PROJEKT employee leasing and temporary work based in Warsaw has extensive experience in hiring employees mainly from the Mazovia region and surrounding areas, but more and more often we implement projects also in other regions of the country. All offers are continuously verified and checked for credibility and legality. Advantages of working with LP PROJEKT is legality and safety - reliable employers - payment on time. Below are the current job offers...
We look forward to working with you

We can suggest specific workers, for all kinds of housekeeping and physical work, temporary work.

We can also search for workers with a specific specialisation.

We sign a contract with the employers, in which the conditions of cooperation are specified.

Wanted in Ostrow Wielkopolski 4 KOVALA for Presmashina. Duties will include cleaning the product from slag, cleaning the die, inserting products into the die to pull products from the die, analyzing the quality of the part. Work 3 shifts of 8-10 hours. Bet on hands £18-19. Work 6 days a week. Advance payment every Saturday for £200. Salary once a month. Accommodation is provided but paid 250 PLN. More details stink on the phone. +48 888 108 389 Viber.
ELECTRICIAN with experience. It is necessary to run wiring in new buildings in flats, collecting covers, hanging pulls for wires. The fee is PLN 17 per hour. There is work from work out (piecework) Work 6 days a week, Saturday 8h. Salary once a month. Progresses weekly. +48 888 108 389 viber
KAMENSHIKI Warsaw, requires gluing stone Silicate - 27 zł per M2 Foam block - 27 zł per M2 Detailed information on phone viber +48 888 108 389
REQUIREMENTS, FORMULATORS (emulsion) are required Work in Warsaw Working hours 10-12 hours, possibly more. 6 days a week. Payment at the beginning 18 zł. per hour and more. Advance payments once a week for 200 zł. Payment once a month from $1200 to $1300 Creating documents Detailed information on phone +48 888 108 389 Viber
MIG / MAG 135/136 welders are required in Gliwice and the task will be to weld fuel tanks. Work 6 days a week 10 hrs. Candidates will take exams in the city of Block. We issue working clothes. Provided accommodation Dovoz to work beads. Advance payment every week for 100 PLN. Payment once a month from 10 to 15 numbers. The rate is 20 PLN per hour More details at +48888108389 Viber.
Address: 04-041, Warsaw, Ostobramska street, 101
Phone: +48 888 108 389, +48 888 108 391
e-mail: waw.lpprojekt@gmail.com